Selecting a trusted advisor to watch over your financial future is one of life's most important decisions.

At Legacy Financial Network, we help make it a little easier by carefully guiding you through our individualized process, while answering as many questions along the way, so you feel comfortable making the right choice.  We believe long lasting relationships are not created over night, but are established through years of partnership and consistently demonstrating integritytrust, and personalized service.  That is why our financial professionals spend so much time getting to know you, your family, your hopes as well as your fears, so that we can help you not only reach your financial goals but protect the many things you've worked hard to create.

Our Services

Our comprehensive approach and sophisticated planning capabilities have enabled us to attract and retain premier clients like you.  We take pride in offering a range of financial products that enable us to implement our client's plans while leveraging the latest in technology and financial planning tools.

                                                              Advisory Services                                  Financial Products

                                                                      Wealth Management                                              Life Insurance
                                                                      Insurance Planning                                                Disability Insurance
                                                                      Retirement Planning                                              Executive & Key Person Benefits 
                                                                      Business Planning                                                 Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, ETFs
                                                                      Estate Planning                                                      Company Retirement Plans
                                                                      Education Planning                                                401(k) Plans
                                                                      Asset Protection                                                      Individual & Group Medical Benefits
                                                                      Advanced Planning                                                 Annuities
                                                                      Charitable Planning Giving                                     Long Term Care Insurance
                                                                      Special Needs Planning                                         College Savings Plans (529 Plans)