OUR Process


As experienced financial professionals, we start the process with listening and continue listening. We never lose sight of the fact that it's your life, your loved ones and your legacy -- and nothing is more personal or more important.  Which is why we follow a carefully guided 5 Step process to provide you a level of service created to exceed your expectations.

Discover:  What keeps you awake at night?  What makes you happy?  We spend time getting to know you, your dreams, concerns and what drives your financial decisions.  Getting to know you better is our first step. 

Organize:  We help you track down all of the important financial facts about your life and organize them in one place for easy access. 


Analyze:  With the use of specialized software and our proven expertise, we analyze the risks in your world and make recommendations that provide the appropriate protections while helping you to maximize wealth.


Implement:  With wealth comes complexity, which is why we work with you, your attorneys and accountants and with our investment professionals to coordinate the implementation of every aspect within your plan.


Monitor:  Births, deaths, marriage, divorce, illness, world events -- any of these can quickly change the financial picture.  We constantly monitor your finances, so we can adapt and fine-tune your strategies for the best results no matter how life changes around you.